August 08, 2012

Stitching together Halla, aka the sweater from hell. It has been stitched together two weeks ago, not thanks to me though! I tried a few days in a row to sew the pieces together but never got a satisfying result. So two weeks ago my mother gave it a go, and after a day of concentrated sewing it was done. Now I'm still trying to get myself motivated to take some decent pictures of by far the most frustrating project I have ever finished. Have you ever found yourself having trouble with "accepting" a frustrating project and wear it? If so how did you manage to forgive it (and live happily ever after)?

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  1. Ik vind de kleuren top! Ben nu errgg benieuwd naar het resultaat :D


  2. Ha! Ja ik vind de kleuren ook super! (al zeg ik het zelf;) Zal snel foto's maken!!!


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