Things to look forward too: the autumn edition

October 08, 2012

Dear all,

Autumn so far has been overwhelming. I've started at a new school, learned a lot of new things, met new people, made new friends, made a strange campus feel like I've walked there for years and most important I've not been afraid...nervous yes, but not afraid to be who I am, to say what I think and to do the things I love. It's all been a great expirience so far! In a few weeks I'll be making my first exams at my new university, can you imagine? Downside is that I'm really busy with lots of work and studying! Everyone I know seems to be terribly busy, and sometimes the thought alone can make me very overwhelmed and stressed. So I've made a list of things I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks or months. So whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed I have a few things to look forward to that cheer me up!

On a walk & a sneak peak of a new finished cardigan!!!

  • Passing my first exams!! (lets for the moment assume I will atleast pass one of them)
  • One of my favourite designers publishes her first book!! 
  • Jumping in a big pile of leaves.
  • Seeing lots of animals preparing for winter.  

Met this little guy on a walk last Sunday. We named him Douglas the Brave.
  • Pumpkin out of the oven! 
  • Wearing my handknits to university.
  • Sorting out my stash.
  • Watching some really old movies, while snuggling the cat.  
  • Sewing  pants for the first time!
  • Cycling back home, in the early evening while it's dark and seeing all  the christmas tree lights in peoples home.
  • Going to a vintage tea house. 
  • Visit Amsterdam again.
My most photogenic cat.
  • Go ice skating. 
  • The first snowfall! 
  • Selecting Christmas presents for friends & family! ( is it too early to make wish lists?)
  • Celebrating Christmas.

    And lastly:
  • The Hobbit! Very nostalgic feeling: when the last LOTR-movie came out, I was still in highschool, and it was a traditional thing for three christmasses in a row.

      So what is keeping you busy this autumn? Is there anything typically for this time of year you are looking forward too?


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      1. Good luck with your exams, I am sure you will do really well, and such a great idea to have a list of happy things to turn to when you are stressed I will have to try this myself!
        I love autumn and all the things to come over the next few months! I am also super excited to see the Hobbit, nothing better than a little fantasy and magic near christmas! xxx

      2. Thanks, I hope so!
        Do try it, it always helps to set priorities and inspire good feelings.

        And the countdown to the Hobbit continues... 14th of december, I'm ready!


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