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December 04, 2012

Winter is here! I know this because we had our first proper snow here in the Netherlands this weekend! I love winter! I don't mind having to cycle through the snowfall to get to campus, I love the cold. Wintery things I did was set up the Christmas tree, wear my lopi cardigan to university (to celebrate the first snowfall) and I bought Christmas presents (after I realised it was already December and I kinda freaked out) 

While lots of knitting blogs I follow are in full-swing gift-knitting modus, in my little corner of the world we are not. This is not a principle thing or something, I do knit gifts... though admittedly I mostly knit for myself, it's just that this year my family does Christmas a little different...and well nobody asked so nobody gets ;) So here in the treehouse it's knit for Nisse in full swing it is basically the whole year around. So on this glorious winter day I present to you my latest knit:

It's Simple sprinkle, by Finnish designer Veera Välimäki. She's know for her simplistic designs, clear lines and stripes. She obviously loves stripes and has a lot of designs with them including the ever popular Color Affection

Pattern: Simple Sprinkle
Designer: Veera Välimäki
Yarn: I used only scraps, most of it is wool, sometimes mixed with alpaca.
Raveled here
Soundtrack: Hollow Talk - Choir of Young Believers (anyone else fan of the Swedish/ Danish detective the Bridge?)

When Veera published the pattern for this cowl a couple of moths ago I instantly knew I wanted to make it as it combines a lot of the things I love: lot's of colours, a long cowl, stripes and a fast knit. I started it last week on a whim...I needed some comfort knitting and this cowl was exactly that. I think it's a great beginners project as it's fun to make, doesn't take up much time and the stripes and short row shaping keeps you interested. Short rows aren't difficult! Just find a youtube video or someone who's willing to explain it to you and you're ready to go!

Three days fast forward and we have a finished cowl! I'm really happy with it and think I will wear it a lot. I only used scraps for this cowl and it's the perfect stash buster. What makes it even better is that most of these scarps invoke memories of things I knitted with it or people I got it from. There is a piece of my first sweater, yarn I got from my both grandmothers, a blue piece which I made from leftovers I used to  knit my brother a hat, leftovers from a scarf for my dad...combine this and you get a patchwork of thick wooly goodness.

All photo's were taken at my parents house. The painting in the background was made by my aunt.
I hope you're all having a great week and are right on track with your gift knitting! To all Dutch readers, I wish you a lovely Sinterklaas feest tomorrow!


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