December 16, 2012

The previous two weeks we had a proper cold spell here in the Netherlands, the result was perfect winter weather and beautiful Anton Pieck like scenery! Here at the treehouse we were ofcourse terribly excited by so much snow and couldn't wait to put our boots on and run around outside. So we didn't.

Oh, but there's also this little thing for when I'm inside the house, safe and warm....

Enjoy the last two weeks of the year, and be sure to enjoy the holidays!

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  1. Hey Nelson,

    Heerlijk sneeuw, hopelijk krijgen we nog veel sneeuw. Super leuk je sneeuwplaatjes.
    Groeten Margot.


  2. Ja ik hoop het ook!! Maar witte kerst zit er nu niet meer in ;) Misschien in januari weer...OF met mijn verjaardag!! Was dat niet vorig jaar? xxx


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