WIP: There and back again

February 12, 2013

 I started a new WIP this weekend. It's named 'There and back again', because I was watching the Hobbit for the second time when I started knitting it. I do think that the colours and pattern are quite Middle Earth/ Hobbit suited.

I can't help it, ever since I saw the movie again I've been in a very Tolkien-ish world (yes that is a word). Despite all my reading load for the uni I really want to start reading the series again and a Lord of the Rings movie marathon will happen...as soon as I find people who are willing to watch it with me!  

Picture by Jared Flood for Stephen West
The pattern is Kvosin by Stephen West. The construction is peculiar, but it does work. I love working on it!

The pattern is part of the Westy's Besties collection, and there is currently a knit-a-long going group for this collection. Every week on friday Stephen West will relace 2 or 3 patterns which belong to this collection. In the group there is lots of talk going on, colour advice, general cheer etc. You can find the group here if you want to join.

I still need to decide what colour to use for the brim and the top. I'm torn between 'donkey' grey and 'goldcrest' yellow. Perhaps one of you can help me decide?
Back to front: Donkey Grey, Main colour, Goldcrest yellow
Well, I'm very much enjoying the knitting now, so I'll turn off my computer now, and I'll see you later!

Ps.: Thanks for all the reactions to my last post on the blog, twitter or in person. I really appreciate it. :)

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  1. Als je het herlezen van de Hobbit series wilt combineren met andere activiteiten, kun je misschien op I-tunes gratis de Hobbit en het eerste deel van de Ring trilogie downloaden van "Kayray reads to you".

    Ze leest het voor aan haar heel erg enthousiaste zoon en ze maakt wat fouten, maar ik vond het heel erg leuk en ook spannend om naar te luisteren tijdens het breien.

    De kleuren van je nieuwe breiwerk zijn trouwens heel erg toepasselijk.

  2. We read "The Hobbit" to our son and daughter when they were very young and "TLOTR" a little later. Those books (and movies!) have not ceased to influence and draw us in over and over again. The hat is wonderful! Did you notice the scarf Orin wears in the movie? http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Ori
    I've never used J Floods yarns, as I'm trying to use up stash. The yarn you display doesn't appear to be Loft, but I like your colors better. Is it a local yarn or might it be available in the US?Don't know if I like the top part of the pattern. I think I'll knit it as a plain continuation.

  3. Now, that's what I call a good way of raising the kids! I did notice the scarf! As far as knitwear goes, the The Hobbit-movie scores better than the LOTR-trilogy ;)

    The yarn is Holstgarn, a danish brand. The manufacturer ( http://holstgarn.dk/en/ )ships to the US I think, though perhaps there are other local yarn stores or websites that sell it as well.

    Sandra, bedankt voor de suggestie! Ik heb tot nu toe eigenlijk nog nooit een luisterboek gedownload, maar nu je het zo zegt niet eens een slecht idee. Wie weet ga ik het binnenkort uitproberen!


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