Colour Craving Shawl Revealed

October 31, 2013

Finally, the Stephen West Mystery Shawl revealed! I actually finished it a while ago, only slightly behind schedule of the KAL. I'm glad I participated in this Mystery Knit Along. In all honestly, I would never have bought the pattern as it is. The original shape, the huge holes and the bold colour Stephen choose for his shawl are probably not features I would have fallen for, had I seen it on ravelry. Which actually is what makes the mystery KAL so awesome: knitting a surprise pattern yield results that you never expected but still enjoy greatly.

I've allready worn it quite a lot. It's warm, light, and simply huge. I can wrap it around myself completely. The colours are bright and colourfull, which is very welcome now the days get shorter and more grey.

I loved working with this yarn. I had used Holst Garn before but only the 100% Uld (wool) range and was really pleased with that yarn, but that doesn't always give guarantees for other yarns of the same brand. Turns out I had no need to worry. The Samarkand range is high quality yarn, super soft, being made out of  75% wool and 25% silk. The silk which is used is the "crunchy" silk variety, which I personally like better than the shiny variety. I think the colour range for Samarkand is pretty good, there are less colour choices than for their other yarns but they slowly add more. All in all I would definitely use this yarn again! And it made me even more eager to try out Holst other yarns, oh, dear!

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