Overlock: time to sew some tricot!

October 17, 2013

Look what has arrived at the Treehouse! A new toy to play with! I'm now the proud owner of a overlocker, can you believe it??? Hide all the tricot fabric for none is safe from me anymore!

This overlocker is a second hand machine, the original owner was my grandmother who passed away little over a year ago. She was a keen craftster, she knitted an insane amount of jumpers for me and my brother when we were kids. She sewed and knitted a lot of her own clothing, until she got to ill to do either craft. She did like seeing me knit, next to her in the hospital, or talking to me about sewing. When we talked about crafts she got that proud look of understanding in her eyes, as if we belonged to the same secret society, the group of people who Make Things.

The machine itself is probably, just like my grandmother, quite old. I tried to look the model up online, but so far nothing has turned up. It doesn't matter much anyway, the machine is in perfect working condition and that's what matters most. With the machine came a huge box of thread, also from my grandmother. I only have to get my hands on some nice tricot fabric and I'm all set up to give it a go... I can't wait!


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