Grandma's box

November 13, 2013

Hey there,

It's been a while hasn't it? I'm sorry, but my exam weeks and the lessons that followed straight after have gotten me out of my blog rhythm. Lessons have started with a vengeance and the past week I've tried to keep myself from drowning in assignments, presentations and writing papers...I'm not sure if it's actually working. Also my university apparently decided  to abolish all breaks/holidays this year. In other words, life at the Treehouse is pretty busy right now. But lets distract us from all of that with a new blogpost!

Recently I received this wooden box full of little sewing trinkets. Originally it belonged to my grandmother, when my parent brought me her overlocker they also gave me this little box, hoping I might put it to better use than it would be otherwise. The box is stuffed with sewing thread, elastic, zippers and buttons. Along with this wooden box came also a bigger cardboard box with more of the same content. Judging by the wrapping some are really old, especially some of the buttons I found.

On the inside of the box, in the corner of the lid, a date is inscribed; Dec 1954, and underneath my grandmother's name and initials. Which means my grandmother received this box almost 60 years ago, at the age of 28. I even recognize her handwriting. This means that the box has been my grandmother's sewing companion for 58 years. Judging by how battered the box looks, it has seen lots of use over the years. It makes the box very special.

While I was browsing through my grandmothers things I found this little notebook. It's full of notes she used for the things she sewed, very recognisable! I have my own notebooks full of knitting and sewing notes that none but myself will understand the slightest. While I was going through the notebooks I stumbled upon my own name! She was making a pair of trousers for me. Judging by the measurements I was quite young at the time, which is logical as most of the things I remember she made for, were done when I was at the age of 1-10 years old. Reading it made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

As you may have gathered by now I really do love these kind of special heirlooms. This together with the inscribed date in the box made this a special gift. Have you a special heirloom like this? Or a fond memory of crafting grandparents?


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