November 30, 2013

December is getting nearer, which means preparing for Christmas and New Year. Picking out presents, setting up decorations, preparing (or crafting) outfits... But before the Christmas outfits, there's still one more backlog-outfit I have to share, a dress I've made from a Deer and Doe pattern.

Fabric: cotton
Bought: At a local market
Soundtrack for this project: Silly Wizzards - Wha'll be king but Cherlie

I was not so sure about this pattern, initially. While I do like the vintage feeling of the dress, I wasn't sure if I would get much wear out of a dress that emphasises an area that I not want to empathize. Fast forward a couple of weeks and it has become my favourite handmade dress! The shape of the dress, the flared skirt and the cap sleeves work really well with my style. Just goes to show that you sometimes you really need to try something, to know if it will work or not. It sometimes greatly surprises you.

Normally I'm not much of a pink girl. Not on principle, I just think it doesn't really work on me. However when I saw this chequered fabric I was in love! I think the pink works really well with the white and navy (which totally is my colour!). The pink is nicely balanced with the dark blue bow and shoulder caps, which calms down the chequered print. I found the blue fabric when I went stash diving, I think it is still a remnant from some of my mums fabric stash that she gave to me.

Don't worry though, I'm now sewing with some more sensible fabric for this time of the year (and knitting up a storm of course). I still wear some of my summer dresses, with tons of layers mind you, its not always ideal.

I had an insane week at uni, with presentations and essay deadlines. Things should improve in the next two weeks or so, so I hope to be able to pop in here more often. In other news I finished the knitting on my dad's sweater! It's now at my parents so my mum can sew it together, this was my only requirement when I offered her to knit the sweater ;) It will show up on the blog, once I receive the photo's.


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  1. What a lovely dress! :) x

  2. Je kan zo een eigen exlusive kledingzaak beginnen.
    Ziet er heel goed uit.
    Hoop dat het wat rustiger wordt of al is en dat je wat meer tijd voor jezelf hebt.
    Groeten aan iedereen.



  3. Haha bedankt! Wie weet, misschien gebeurd dat ooit nog wel. Maar dan moet ik eerst wat meer tijd hebben.

    Ja hoop het ook! Nog eventjes en dan heb ik het wat rustiger, in de kerst vakantie.

  4. What a fabulous dress! It think it really DOES work for you, what a cutie.


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