Almost there

March 24, 2014

Folks it is that time of the year again...the sun is shining, I haven't worn my winter coat the past week and I had my first few allergy hazes! Yes friends, this can only mean one thing: spring is here. Yes yes...the time of buzzing bees, budding flowers and ....exams.

 Thus, I spend this day making my Middle English exam, which was answering questions about  Middle English texts. Fun texts about Arthur and his knights of the round table, and less fun things about women who let themselves be bricked up out of Christian devotion. Anyway, I've just spend the last couple of hours revising my notes and typing on my essay. However for the next 30 minutes or so I cannot be bothered with uni stuff for I want to show you my progress on my Hermione cardigan.

As you can see it's almost finished, I've only 3/4 sleeve to go, the pockets and buttons (it is now fastened with a dpn, but I can't see that becoming a fashion trend any time soon). Keeping my fingers crossed that I have enough yarn to finish it all in one go. I had my doubts that I had enough when I started the sleeves, but I think it should be okay now... Keep your fingers crossed with me?

Ps. A couple of days ago my blog and me have been mentioned in a podcast. They say some really nice things about us and the Treehouse has been seen blushing down to the roots. It also served as a reminder that I really need to change my Ravelry username. It is something I've been meaning to do for a while, but I keep forgetting! You can find the podcast at Twin Needle Podcast. The Treehouse is mentioned around 1;05. Tini and Maria: Danke schön & Tak!

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