Græn Sokkar

August 24, 2015

 Things have been quiet over here this summer haven't they? I have been very busy trying to fit as much knitting, sewing, reading and writing into my summer. I've even taken some baby-steps in new crafts for which I am excited (because I totally need more new hobbies, and more stored stuff to make other stuff from!)

This year there will be some drastic changes at the Treehouse, and all in all I've been trying to cram as much fun and crafty stuff in before the inevitable craziness will start again in September. But over to the stuff that you're actually here for: crafty makes! As August is coming to an end, and autumn rapidly approaching (yay!) I'll start with a suitably autumnal make.  

After the success of my firsts socks, I was keen to start my next pair. These are essentially the same socks, but with some slight alterations to improve the fit. They were also a test run to see whether this colour combination works for a sweater I have in mind. That actually was a poor excuse I made to myself to justify making these socks, because of course I was going to like this colour combo, and this was only a way to ensure that I have more things in these colours.

They were finished quite a while ago, when I was in the middle of thesis and exams shenanigans, so I couldn't blog about them right away and they were stuffed in my closet...almost to be forgotten forever (or, less dramatic, at least until November). Luckily I stumbled upon them earlier this week, and they were spared the shame of being a project-without-blogpost.

They are, once again, made with Icelandic lopi wool. I used Alafoss lopi for the main part of the sock, and two strands of lett lopi held together for the stripes. I'm especially taken by this colour combination and I look forward to use it on something more substantial. After this pair of socks I was done for a bit with the sock making, however I've gotten some considerable wear out of them when we had a cold spell last week and I was down with a fever. Nothing like that to give me a taste for more handknit socks.

Until later!

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  1. Hey there,

    Congratualations of surviving summer, I'm sure Autumn is almost around the corner to reward you with lots of rain and appropriatly low temperatures.

    The socks look great, and I can just imagine a lopapeysa in the same colour combination!


  2. That colour combination is for sure a great option for a sweater (and for socks of course!). Loving the icelandic socks. How do you find the Lopi holding up to the wear and tear socks tend to get? I'd really love to make a thick pair like that.

  3. Fijne mooie warme sokken laat de herfst maar komen. Heel mooi gemaakt compliment ! Warme herfst tinten! Groeten Margot

  4. @Tahnee
    Because of the summer weather, I haven't worn them enough to really test their durability. I've used Lopi quite often for garments though and it's always been very durable then, so I'm quite confident that it'll hold up now. Perhaps I should post a status report half a year from now? ;)

    Dank je wel, herfst was ook precies de bedoeling ;)


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