I’m Nelson, blogger at What’s in a Treehouse. Online I often go by my childhood nickname of Nisse.

My blog was born out of a love for making and storytelling. I love knitting, sewing, writing and reading, which is what I mostly write about on here. I am an intersectional feminist and environmentalist. I am a drinker of copious amounts of tea, wearer of sturdy boots, a rider of bikes and hugger of cats. Pippi Longstocking is my ultimate hero.

My favourite things to knit are colourwork and cables. I mostly knit garments, but also like knitting shawls, hats and mittens. I mostly knit with wool. While knitting and sewing are my favourite crafts I have an interest in all textile crafts.
I live in a small apartment, lovingly referred to as the Treehouse, with my partner, yarn, books and cats. If you like good woollen jumpers, sniffing books, soapboxing and cats we'll definitely get along!


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