Hello welcome to my blog What’s in a Treehouse. My Name is Nelson and I live in The Netherlands with my cats, yarn and my sewing machine. Online I often go by my childhood nickname of Nisse.

I am a knitter and sewist and use this corner of the internet to write about my makes. I like working with colour and you'll see that in my work.
Crafting came into my life when I was sixteen. I learned to knit and crochet after stumbling upon a blog by a crafter and was fascinated by the idea of being able to turn a ball of yarn into a piece of clothing. I taught myself after returning from a library trip with a stack of crafting books using old needles and hooks borrowed from a family member. In my early twenties, I started sewing more seriously. Over the years I've dabbled in a lot other textile crafts such as spinning, natural dyeing and quilting. In December 2018, I made my first bra and have been learning more about bra making since.    

I identify most strongly as a knitter and a sewist, as those are the crafts that I do the most, and subsequently what you'll read about most but I am still interested and dip in and out of doing all textile crafts.

Making is my main thing but other things I do are reading books, growing plants on my balcony, writing on here and making tiring long captions on instagram posts, riding my bike, journaling, watching documentaries and making and adding to my exuberant collection of music playlist. 

My online treehouse over here is not a neutral space: I can be unapologetically political. I'm an environmentalist, care about ethical sustainability. My feminism is intersectional, and I work to decolonise both my online and offline spaces.

I also love hanging out with my cats who massively approve of my yarn and fabric habits. Subsequently all my makes have cat hair in them.


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