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Finished Knitting Project: Made So Quickly

August 31, 2011

Pattern: Made so Quickly
Original: Womens weekly sept 1936
Yarn: Annell cotton 8 

(Warning: This here will be heavy on non-knitters)

So I finished this about a month ago, but only put them on ravelry and blogged about it now.
The pattern is from a stitch in time volume 1, but the original pattern dates from 1936, womens weekly. So it's a pre-wartime pattern.

This is me being way more interested in my pocketwatch then in taking pictures.
Instead of the glass buttons I wanted to place on them I went for wooden I found at the market. 
Alas...what can I say...I am a sucker for wooden buttons. It's indeed getting quite out of hand.

Ah! That's better!
I made it in sportswool instead of dk, luckily it worked out well. I did one modification; I made the sleeves less puffy. The sleeves on the modern model aren't very puffy, but the original model has some major puff, and I read on the forum & comments on ravelry that some versions had turned out very big. Apperently during the interbellum thin heads were 'the' hot thing for a lady, and puffy sleeves made the heads look thin in comparison.

Anyway I really love the stitch pattern in this sweater, it's why I wanted to make it in the first place. I'm happy how it turned out, need to make me some more skirts to go with it though.

Not sure whether this was lady like behaviour in those times...but running around is fun...:)


So.... What IS in a treehouse, actually?

August 27, 2011

(This post is also saved as a static page in the righthand column)

  • Four cats, a wolf, and one or multiple families of mice
  • Enough eco-cotton yarn to giftwrap the tree
  • A suitcase filled with 'Dear Pippi'-letters
  • Enough Alpaca-wool to giftwrap the allready wrapped tree
  • Janis Joplin - or so they claim - 
  • A white, vintagestyle bed
  • Under the bed, there's nothing. DO NOT look under the bed
  • A solar-powered Illusion-generator
  • A Raven and a writingdesk
  • Tatted lace
  • Never enough dresses.
  • A half-circular horizontal transportationsystem (a swing)
  • A jar of modge-podge 
  • A clock working on owl-power.
  • A purple flying bike called 'Louise' who may or may not posses the power of flight
  • A hitherto undiscovered civilisation of gnome-people who have just recently reached the iron-age. Give them a round of applause!
  • Pixiedust
  • A tree
  • A painted spinning wheel

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