Jane Eyre 2011

September 24, 2011

I saw the new Jane Eyre movie a couple of days ago! What can I say...I'm a sucker for classics. I already saw some excerpt from the movie since it's been in theatres in america since March. We living in Europe unfortunately had to wait until this September to see it (they do it to torture us...I'm certain of it)  I've been a big fan of the Jane Eyre book, movies and series since I can remember, and I managed to persuade my boyfriend into watching this new version with me recently.

Although the 2006-series remains my favorite, this one is still worth the watching. I love little Adele in this version!

And the Knitting!

The beard scene was epic ofcourse.
Judi Dench, ofcourse Judi Dench!

 Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Finished Knitting: Mermaids & Centaurs

September 15, 2011

Done!! Another tiny owl design all knitted up and ready to wear :)  I absolutely love it! Have worn it several times already. No modifications at all, just followed the pattern. I was a little worried about the looooong row of kitchener stitch at the end but tea and Jane Eyre helped me through that.

Pattern    : Ships and Seaside
Yarn : Annell Malmedy
Soundtrack for this project: The Who - Who's next

Here I'm wearing it with my owls cardigan. It's the first garment I've ever knitted, so it always makes me nostalgic ;) I named the cowl 'Mermaids and Centaurs' because the softness and fairytale-ness just reminded me of mystical stories about forests, deep seas... and apple pie for one reason or another.  

It's quite big and cosy, that's why I only steam - blocked it because I was a bit afraid that if I blocked it in my usual way it would turn out to big. Though the yarn is said to be worsted on the label it says it's made for needle size 3,5/4 which I found a bit odd. Anyway I got gauge when I used needle size 5 and the knitted fabric is quite sturdy. So the yarn confuses me a bit... but I don't mind since it turned out allright.

Until next time!

Better late...

September 13, 2011

Then never!

Giving a summer, in which we had little sun a much more rain then normal I hadn't really expected this anymore. However now all my little tomato's have started to go orange. Truly a special sight in mid September.


CSSA: Circle skirt sew along

September 07, 2011

Just a quick post to let you know I'm joining in Caseys circle skirt sew along.
I'm both excited and nervous about it since it will be my first sew along, and my sewing skills aren't near as good as my knitting skills. Joining a sew along seems like a good way to motivate me to work a little bit on them.

I'm still in doubt which fabric to use, I could use some denim that I already have, initially bought for another project, or I could use some navy blue (cause navy blue is just an awesome colour! ) Any Ideas?

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