Finished Knits

Finished Knitting: 7 days till Samhain

October 29, 2011

Do I really need another orange sweater? Ofcourse I do! This was such a fast knit, it took me only seven days to finish this sweater. I never knitted a garment that fast. I stuck to the same colour palette the designer chose for this design, because I really liked that combination.The pattern was well written, easy to follow and not hard to knit. So even if you're a less experienced knitter you could still give this pattern a go.This pattern is really easy to modify in shaping etc, Jessika encourages this in the pattern and even gives you some tips. So if you're less expirienced in changing a pattern you could still do it I think.

Book:  7 Autumn Sweaters for the Bohemian-Inclined Knitter (ebook)
Yarn: Annell Malmedy
Soundtrack for this project: Bruce Springsteen & Tom Morello - Ghost of Tom Joad (and the rest of the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame concert)

For the buttons up front I used buttons I took from a store bought cardigan that I didn't wear anymore. Re-using is good!! I think they really suit this sweater! Oh and best of all: this pattern has thumb holes!

The designer is passionate about animal welfare, which suits me as an environmentalist very well.
Jessika has done a lot of volonteer work for animalrights in Asia. She has worked in Tibet, taking care of stray dogs and now works in New Dehli, to campaign against a large corperation starting a daory factory that will harm the environment, peoples livelyhoods and animal welfare. Jessika is one of those lesser known designers, who deserves a bit more attention for her designs! By buying her patterns you support her in being able to continue her work for free. She has a design called Kathmandu, which I plan on making in the summer! 

- I didn't do the rib pattern on the sleeves, instead I did a stripe pattern in colour c. 
- I included shaping in the sleeves.
- Because I didn't do the ribbing on the sleeves, I didn't do the ribbing on the lower part in dark brown either. I did try it but it looked a bit odd, so I ripped it.
- Made some changes in shaping, for the bust. 

If you have any questions about my modifications, feel free to ask!

 I hope your having a lovely weekend! Till next time!


"Oh the Women": Pictures of Suffragettes

October 28, 2011

Frontpage article of the Seattle Sunday times on a national gathering of Suffragettes, June 27 1909

Working Class women marching in London, 1911

During the Great War many suffragette-groups stopped their campaign to support the war-effort

But not all suffragettes: These women in New Jersey campaigned for women's rights in 1915

This is Suzanna 'Suze' Groeneweg, who became the first Dutch MP in 1918, for the Social-Democratic Labour Party.
This was one year before Women's Suffrage was approved, and three more years before they actually had a chance to vote.

This is Sylvia Pankhurst, a very militant British Suffragette. She started of as the leader of a local suffragette group in East London. Her local group split off the main group and helped form the British Communist Party. She was very active in anti-fascism and anti-colonialism, as seen in the right picture. 

Suffragettes let themselves be imprisoned regularly to keep the movement in the news

Aren't these pictures of passionate women beautiful? Lately I've been gushing over 1900-1920 pictures, particulary those from the women Suffrage movement. I hope you enjoyed them too!


Finished Knits


October 23, 2011

I started this project, when my boyfriend asked me to knit him a scarf/cowl too when I finsished my ships and seaside. Initially he wanted me to knit him a ships and seaside too, but I convinced him to search ravelry first so he could decide if that was the pattern he wanted me to knit for him. A hour later he had forgotten ships and seaside and was all about this design ;)

He went to out LYS and chose the yarn and colour himself. It took me a little longer to finish because I ran out of yarn when I was almost finished! Gah...

Pattern: Loxley
Designer: Stephen West
Yarn: Annell Malmedy
Soundtrack for this project:The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

He likes it! He has already been wearing it a lot, so that's a good sign :) It's an interesting design, combining a hood with a shawl. Since temperature has dropped quite suddently (a few weeks ago), he actually wore this inside the house instead of putting the heating on. ;)

I really like the fact that Stephen West, the designer of Loxley, tries to bring more variation into male knitwear. That said, not all of his designs are my cup-of-tea, but this one I really loved.

Taking pictures for two FO's at once rocks!
 Hope you had a good weekend!


Finished knitting : Klein Blöm

October 20, 2011

  This project was so much fun to knit, and the result is so cute! I finished this hat in under four days which is pretty nice for someone who mostly knits garnments with needle size 3. Also I'm not the most experienced colourwork knitter out there so maybe you'll knit it even faster!

Little flowers on my head ;)
I despirately needed a knitted hat, I have knitted three hats before, but I lost one and the second I never wear. I think I'll frog it and knit something new with it. Then obviously, theres "Deer with little antlers", but that one's for special occasions ;) I have one woolen hat that I wear a lot during the colder months...but it is bought, and I just couldn't justify that to my knitgroup ;) So when Kate published this  pattern I thought "why not give it a shot", since I wanted to practise my colourwork skills a bit more, before I'd dive into things to quick. 

Pattern: Peerie Flooers
Designer: Kate Davies
Yarn: All sorts of leftovers including: Malabrigo, annell super extra, and some yarn I inherited from my grandma.
 Soundtrack for this project: Pencil revolution - Schradinova

If you want to try this as a first colourwork pattern I would totally recommend it. Most rows the colours alternate quite a lot, which is easier with stranded knit work and for the crown shaping Kate has an exellent blog post in which she explains various ways to shape the crown, including the one she uses in this design.

Note on the title: Peerie flooers means “little flowers” in Shetland dialect, which is what this pattern is called. Klein Blöm = Kleine bloempjes = little flowers in my regional dialect.

I meant to post this sooner, but I've been struggling with a cold among other things. Still enjoying the weather though! I hope you're enjoying the changing of the season too!



Accessories: Hats

October 15, 2011

I don't know about where you live but here in Europe cold weather certaintly kicked in. I came to the conclusion that as a knitter I have very few cold-weather accessories. I find myself reaching for them more often. So I need to make myself some more! Here are some nice hats on my knit list. Maybe I'll do some other posts on other accessories in the future...

The hats: Sunday Pictorial Beret, Sheep Heid, Lucky, Castaway Tam and Orchids & Fairy lights

These are all hats I would like to day... If you want to know more about one of them just click on the link and it will take you to their info page. Some of them are ravelry links though, so you they might not work for you if you don't have an account there.
Thats all for now but I have two finished projects and some knit and sew projects in the pipeline so I'll be back soon!


Fair isle: Men

October 09, 2011

Blame the start of real autumn weather, but lately I've been obsessing over fair isle sweaters. And the best fair-isle is, without doubt, vintage. I can browse page after page looking at the colourcharts, the patterns and the pictures. Curiously though, do you know what the best vintage fair-isle patterns are?

Image source & Pattern for sale
 Mens Faire Isle Slip-overs! Alright, obviously I'm even more in love with patterns I can wear myself, it's just that for me currently these things are my obsession. A lot of people tell me I should go and watch 'Madmen' when I talk about male vintage clothing, but honestly... I'm not interested in television-series, I just want to knit those slip-overs!
I'm mostly into the 40's patterns, which is not unusual since that is my favorite period for women vintage knits too.

I'm thinking about knitting one for my boyfriend, if I can convince him to wear it...Most of them are knitted in fingering weight yarn so they just scream "a lot of work!!!" which I totally wouldn't mind if he would wear it ;) Also said boyfriend is ridiculously slim, so there could be some work involved into recalculating measurements etc. I'm still not sure what he thinks about them: apparently he's fine with fair-isle, as long as its (quote:) "not reindeer or snowflakes or tiny people or that kind of stuff". I guess that leaves room to knit, right?

Same source as above

So have you knitted something for you're significant other? And more important was there a sweater curse?

Finished Sewing Projects

Circle skirt: Finished

October 08, 2011

 It's done! This sew along surely was a good way to keep me motivated to make the skirt, since I'm really more of a knitter then a I'm a sewing fan. In the end I'm quite pleased with the result.
You can go and read my inspiration post for this skirt here. In short my inspirations were: suspender skirts, the fifties and navy.

I really like blue...can you tell? ;)

I used navy blue cotton I bought at the market. I was able to cut the base of my skirt in one piece, so I had no side seams. Since I had no side seams I used the slash opening zipper technique, which was a bit fiddeling  because it was my first time using this technique. But in the end I'm very pleased with how it looks.

For the waisband I used the sew-in method, and attached the waistband to the skirt just like Casey has instructed in her post.

Paired with a cardigan knit by me.

The hemming...I don't know about you, but I happen to think that hemming a circle skirt is close to sewing hell. I tried a few times to get it just right, so it took me painfully long, but in the end it looks alright.
Apart from the instructions from Casey I used these video's : 1 & 2 over here.

For the suspenders I first measured how long they needed to be and sewed them with some interfacing inbetween. They're attached to the skirt with buttons. I intend to sew a pettycoat somewhere in the future too, but haven't had the time to make one yet.

In the end, it's not bad for a first time circle skirt. Many thanks to Casey for holding the sew along!

There will be a circle skirt party over at Casey's blog on octber 10th,  in which she will show lot's of skirts that have been made in this sew along! So go take a look there coming monday. I can't wait to see what the others made!


Circle skirt: Inspiration

October 06, 2011

Since my circle skirt is almost finished. I thought it would be nice to make a little post about my inspiration for this skirt, which you can hopefully see back in my skirt.


Suspender skirts: 

Normally I'm more drawn to 30's and 40's fashion, but for this skirt I wanted a more fuller look from the 50's, with their big poofy skirts and oversized pockets. My obsession with suspender skirt began half a year ago when I found this perfect pattern for a forties suspender skirt on etsy, unfortunately the pattern was not nearly my size, and at that moment I hadn't enough confidence in my sewing skills to try it out ( I still don't know if I have that confidence) Since that moment I have been gushing over various suspender skirts with the idea to make one myself. Casey's sew along was the thing to motivate me to make that pile of fabric I had laying around into a nice lovely circle skirt.

Source 1 , Source 2


I love navy blue, everytime I'm deciding on a colour in DIY-land navy blue is one of the options. I just can't help myself. I think it's started when I was 5 and our family had just moved into a new house. My mother had painted all my bedroom walls blue and I clearly remember myself looking at it and saying "That's not blue enough".

Source 1, Source 2: WWII recruitment poster

This picture:

Now I'm not a huge Monroe fanatic (don't get me wrong I do like her, I'm just not obsessed with her) but when I first saw this picture I knew I had to have one of them circle skirts too.

I'll be back soon with finished project pictures!

Finished Knits

Finished knitting: Mountain view cardigan (or here comes the sun)

October 03, 2011

Mountain view cardigan is finished! Took me forever to block cause my monster cats were determined on destroying the thing.
Couldn't take pictures in the weekend, with the frigging heatwave fall has going on it was way to hot outside to take pictures of an alpaca vest, in october...what do you know ;)

Yarn: drops alpaca
Soundtrack for this project: Traveling Wilburys - End of the Line

Initially I had wanted to use this yarn for another project, but once I decided I was going to make this one, I couldn't get it out of my head with the yellow. I choose wooden buttons (no surprise there) I bought them a while ago, when I was looking for buttons for made so quickly.

The cardigan is super cosy and basicly everything I wanted it to be: long, cosy, soft and yellow:) Long cardigan on small needles took me quite long but I think it was worth it:) And I just adore drops alpaca! One of my friends made the same cardigan, will post group pictures once I have them!

Now I'm off to finish some sewing and knit on a project for the BF. I hope your weekend was just swell!

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