Diy Christmas presents

November 25, 2011

So this year's Christmas is not going to be such a big celebration as it used to be. However its the perfect time to think about crafty presents. Because nothing says "I love you" like a handmade present! Past years I too have had fun thinking about what presents I could make myself for various person. I have been seeing some glimpses on other blogs of handmade presents, and just because I won't be making a whole lot of them myself this year I can still think about what would be good ideas right?

In my opinion good Chrismast presents are cute, funny little projects. Things you can make in a relative small amount of time. Because let's face it: in a life in which a whole heap of things deserve your attention (and a queue of "projets to make" as long as mine) there is little time left to knit a jumper for everyone you know.

So here's a short list of Christmas-gifts to knit and craft:

Elegant coat gloves - Vintage gifts to knit

Little fox- Tiny owl knits. He's just so cute! And no doubt fun to make!

Chawton mittens - Jane austen knits

Sweet little lights by Hey Gorgeous

Lightweight Infinity Scarf by Simply Dove
Traditional 'Theodóra' doll by Helene Magnusson would be very cute for kids!

Not really winter-season: Baby Boy Sandals (although I'd imagine you can easily modify this for a bigger boy)

So, do you have plans to craft for christmas? What and for whom? I'm knitting just one Christmas-present, but at least that gives me the opportunity to make it perfect... Crossing my fingers that the receivers agrees! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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