2011 in projects:

December 31, 2011

I've seen a lot of these "year wrap up posts" on various blogs lately and I thought it was fun
to do one of my own on this little blog of mine. So here is my year in (mostly) knit projects:


I made a hat for my brother.

I made Boneyard for my Boyfriend.


My drops cardigan. It's the second garment I ever knitted,
and my favourite knitted project ever!!


My first colourwork ever.

No longer in Paris, made without a pattern because I couldn´t make the
´$5-in-Paris'-pattern work


I went to Dublin in the last days of May. There I bought the yarn and
the pattern for this Damson Shawl.

Made so quickly.


Ships and Seaside.


Mountain view

Above: Peerie Flooers, beneath: Loxley.
And some sewing:

My skirt for the circle skirt sew-along!!!


It's funny how this post shows that I've crafted so much more
during these last few months then I did in the beginning
of the year. My favourites these year are the Drops Cardigan,
the Mountain view Cardigan and the Damson.

I wish you all the best for the new year!!!

Finished Knits


December 29, 2011

Christmas has come and gone. I hope you had a lovely time, however you spend it.

Yesterday I took some pictures of my finished Jarrett. I knitted this for my boyfriend as a Christmas present. It surely isn't my best work, but it turned out alright. I think. My BF likes it, it's soft and I'm very pleased with the colour. So it's alright enough not to get me curse nervous ;)


Designer: Kim Hargreaves
Book: Rowan Vintage Knits
Yarn: Drops Alpaca 
Soundtrack for this project: Bruce Springsteen - Erie Canal

I made it with drops alpaca (Surprised, anyone?) I let BF choose a colour, coincidentally he wanted a colour I already had in my stash (intended for another project). I thought it to be a bit silly to order new yarn which I already owned and I definately don't want to be spotted walking with my bf wearing the same coloured sweater. (before you know it we are wearing the same red coloured raincoat EEEEEEK!), so I just used the stashed yarn, and will have to look for different yarn for the intended project.  

I'm a bit dissapointed with the pattern. Which comes as a bit of a surprise for me, since Kim Hargreaves is one of my favourite designers. There weren't any mistakes in the pattern, just a lot things that were a bit unclear in the way they were written. That's just something I hadn't expected in a pattern written by one of my top 5 designers. Maybe that's the reason I'm not too happy now it's done.
- I used thinner yarn.
- Modified for a smaller size.
- Modified sleeve cap.

This is what my boyfriend had to say about it:
"This cardigan was my christmas-present. I had admittedly been a little bit jealous of Nisse's home-knit cardigans, and even though I theoretically  could knit one myself, it would be nowhere near as perfect as one knitted by Nisse. So when she asked me what patterns I liked, with a big hint towards Christmas, I was quite happy. Obviously I've watched the process of making the cardigan, and thus knew what gift I would get this christmas, but seeing the garment being build up from the start only makes it even more special.

I'm really happy with the result. I love the colour. I usually wear mostly brown, green or grey shades, so I'm still in need of some guidance as to how to combine this cardigan with the rest of my wardrobe ;)  It's really comfortable, and actually I'm even more jealous of Nisse's collection of hand-knit garments now that I've tried one myself. When putting the cardigan on or taking it off though, I'm still quite nervous to break it! I suspect the cardigan will survive though ;)"

I have some more exciting posts coming up so I'll be seeing you soon! 

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2011

There's a disturbing lack of snow here in my hometown.
Still, it's christmas-time, so it's time to be jolly!
Pro-tip for these days: Elvis' chrismas cd AND/or the Puppini-sisters!

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays!

Picture from Old Picture of the Day


Ramblings & Buttons

December 15, 2011

I've just realised Christmas comes around in ten days! I'm sure most of you are preparing for those busy days coming ahead. The blogosphere is bursting with Christmas-posts, which makes me happy.

Random Christmas decoration in my house.
I've almost finished Jarrett, it only needs a button band and I still need to sew it together. You won't be seeing the finished cardigan until Christmas is over though! Since it's a Chrismas present.  I bought some buttons for it the other day. Bf wanted some simple wooden buttons so that's what he gets :) I hope to finish Jarrett this weekend, and then it's back to fulltime selfish knitting again ;) Although, I have been a bit obsessed with Icelandic wool and lopi designs lately, and he has already informed me that he wouldn't mind if I made him one for say.... his birthday. ;) But I want to finish some things for myself first before I jump into knitting stuff for others again ("Say it out loud, I'm a selfish knitter and I'm proud"!)

Plain wooden buttons (toggles!!)

I've started watching season two of Downton Abbey, with my knitting friends at Knit Night (the first episode is sooooo good!) I've already informed them that I want to do a Foyles War sit-watch-and-knit marathon thingy when I finish my Fair Isle yoke. The sweater, and colours just scream "Sam" dont you think? That's watching historical detective-drama in style!

I hope I'm able to show you some fnished projects soon.
Don't stress yourself to much over Christmas preparations!


December 09, 2011

This week it was quite stormy at some points. Instead of winter all we seem to have is a season which doesn't know what it wants to be. ( I want snow damn it!) At one point when it was starting to get dark, the sky looked rather dramatic. So I rushed outside to take some pictures :

Then I just sat on my windowsill knitting and petting my cat until the sky had turned fully dark. I'm the kind of person that loves stormy weather, rain, thunder...(and snow, so king winter better show up one of these days ;)

I wish you all a lovely weekend!

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