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Foxes come out of hiding...

February 29, 2012

Now...First things first. The lovely Kathrin of Rana & das Rotkehlchen gave  me and the Treehouse an award!! That truly made me very happy and I sparkled all day. She runs a blog written both in German & English so go take a look there if you haven't already!

Secondly...I didn't mean to drop of the blog-surface like that! I can't really offer an explanation other then I've been really tired, and just didn't had the magic to type inspiring things. But now March is here (practically!;) I'm super excited about that because it's my birthday-month! So lots of fun things planned! :)

But now...look what I made!

Pattern: Mini Fox
Yarn: Various odds and ends from my stash in (fennec) foxie colours.
Soundtrack: Bon Iver!!!

I knitted this little fox a week ago and it's so soft! The knitting took me only a day, and I finished it up the next. It truly was a fast and fun project. Ever since I saw Tiny Owl's video about the foxes I've wanted to make one (or two...or three). The pattern was super easy to follow and I had no problem with it at all (mind you I only followed the instructions for the mini fox, so check ravelry for info about the fox stole!)

 I think it's a very good pattern for a beginner, the instructions are very clear and for the finishing she provided photo's which makes sewing the pieces on a piece of cake. That and the quick satisfaction makes this a good pattern for someone who's just starting out (I think) They would be great gifts as well, quickly made, personal and pretty unique. You can be quite sure the receiver does not have something like it in her/his closet already!

The magnet closure sadly didn't work for me, because the only magnets I could get my hands on simply weren't strong enough. Instead, I just used good old snap-buttons. The fox told me she doesn't mind so we're okay. Other then that I made no mods in the pattern!

I'll probably make more of them in the future. They're so much fun and I have ideas for lot's of more colours!  I’m going to hexipuff mini foxes! ;) But that's for later as I've started loads of new projecst already! (oh dear)

We sometimes disagree about what we're going to have for dinner...(he's new to the veggie diet ;)

I'll be back later this week with some other stuff.
Good night! 


Finished project: Var (or the Nonni & Manni cardigan)

February 20, 2012

I finished my first Icelandic sweater! 

Pattern: Var (Ístex Lopi No. 29)
Designer: Védís Jónsdóttir
Yarn: Istex Létt-Lopi 
Soundtrack for this project: Anything by Fungus (Dutch link), I think this is by far the most underrated band of my own country! You can listen to one of their songs here.

It was a nice, cosy, woodsy knit. I used the yarn I got for Chrismas. I actually finished it a few days ago, and it all went pretty smooth, apart from the hood. I probably wanted to finish it so badly, that I got a little bit confused while working the hood... so stubborn me decided to do it my own way, and I'm quite satisfied. I never was sure about the colourwork on the hood anyway...

And, obviously... the steeking! THE STEEKING! My first time using this technique!! It was actually far easier and less nerve-wrecking to do. Maybe it was because of my fever, but I had cut straight through my whole garment before the nerves came. I'm happy that it went so easy, because the pattern is ten times more awesome as a cardigan (even though it was awesome as a sweater as well). Though it's said that a sweater with lopi yarn doesn't have to be reinforced, and by the sticky-ness of the yarn I'm willing to believe them, as a newbie I didn't want to take any risks and reinforced both sides of the cut by sewing.

Knitting this cardigan has made me fall in love with lopi yarn! It's perfect for knitting colourwork and it's available in all sorts of pretty colours. It has been a while since I knitted a sweater bottom-up and I enjoyed doing it again.

I named the cardigan after one of my favourite childhood tv-series, Nonni & Manni. It's an Icelandic series set in 1869 about two brothers who go through all sort of adventures. Said brothers are Nonni & Manni, though I believe I liked Julli the most. Figures, he was a shepherd and had a cool flute… ;)

I Made the body a bit longer.
I had to change the shaping because I made the body longer.
I didn't do the whole colourwork pattern on hood. 
I made a different buttonband, because I wanted buttons instead of a zipper/snap buttons :)

Onwards to my next sweater! I'm still undecided as for which to choose... you know the usual I-just-finished-a-thing-now-what-to-knit-next-blues. What's on your needles? 


Teeth on Ice

February 09, 2012

So guess what...I lost a piece of my tooth today. Now I could go and tell you about that one incident involving jungling balls and unexpected flying knives...but nobody is interested in that right?

So instead I'm going to show you what my world has been looking like the past few days...

Finished Knits

When your folks are in town...

February 09, 2012

You go and take pictures with your dad, of things your mother made for you!

Early in Januari, when there was no snow and the temperatures where almost spring-like, my parents came by. Quite funny to look at these pictures now, when it now looks like mid-winter outside.

My mom had knitted this bag for me, and my dad took the pictures. The bag is inspired by this picture, although my mother made it without a pattern. The yarn it's made from is 20 year old wool, I inherited from my aunt when I just started knitting. I really like it, it's made in natural coloured tweedy wool, and the wooden buttons and cord add to this natural feeling. It's slightly felted, so it doesn't need any lining. Thanks mom!! ♥

Knitting this bag, and I suppose having a daugther who is a crazy knit lady, made my mother get captured by the knitting bug again. She's now working on a rowan cardigan for herself and has just bought (gorgeous!!) tweed to make a sweater for my father.

Afterwards, I stole (read: borrowed) my dad's much better camera to take some new pictures of Jarret, before the boyfriend wears the vest down! (He wears it a lot!)

His hair is so long here! It's been cut now, but it's still to his shoulders...

Anyway, I'm adding the pictures to ravelry! I hope to finish Var this week, but my weekend is going to be pretty busy so I can't promise anything!


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