Finished Vashon

March 29, 2012

My first fully cabled sweater, can you believe it? Not a vintage pattern, but definately vintage inspired!
The pattern had been on my to-do-list for a while now, and when the right yarn miraculously came to me, the time was right to just cast on for it.  

Pattern: Vashon
Designer: Cirilia Rose 
Soundtrack for this project: The Changeling by The Doors
This was a super quick knit, I was afraid this would be a slow knit because I hadn't cabled for quite a while, but it went really smooth and before I truly realised it I had finished the front and back! The needle size helped too! In the end it took me less then a month to knit the sweater.

The only change I made was making the sleeves longer. I'm trying to balance the amount of short, 3/4 and long sleeved sweaters in my wardrobe, so I couldn't allow myself to make a short-sleeved sweater... There you have it, the problems of a modern day crafter folks ;)

I also did the decreases for the sleeves and shoulders slightly different, because at one point I thought the cables looked a bit weird. I honestly can't remember what I did exactly. It wasn't a huge difference but I could take a look at my notes, to see if they can clarify that part. Though don't hold your breath for it because I don't make the most extensive notes while knitting and watching tv ;)

I've been doing pretty good with my craft goals so far! I've managed to knit 3 sweaters this year, one each month and even some small things inbetween. So who knows...maybe I'll even succeed in knitting more and actually knit 12 sweaters in 2012. We'll see. Ofcourse now I've mentioned this here I'll get distracted by whole bunch of other things.

That's all for now!


On blocking & finished sleeves

March 22, 2012

The second sleeve of Vashon I was working on is done! Today I have been busy sewing the sweater parts together. Now I only need to weave in the various little ends of yarn and then it's officially done.
However the weather has been so nice here that I'm afraid I won't be able to get much wear out of it until winter starts again. Seriously it's like 10 °C warmer then its normally this time of the year. Oh well, serves me right for starting a bulky sweater so close to spring.

Sleeve in progress.
A few days ago I had a little chat with a fellow knitter on ravelry on blocking. I alway block my various sweater pieces before I sew them together (Uh apart from my seamless knits ofcourse). I've always done it that way, but this knitter I talked to, did it the other way around: First she'd sew, and then she'd block.

Now there obviously isn't a wrong way of doing it but I'm still trying to imagine reasons for the two different methods. I don't know if it really makes a difference, but to me it seems as if, when you don't block first, you might encounter problems in dealing with curling edges. Apart from the curling edges I can't really think of any pros or cons for the different methods but maybe you can! Does anyone out there know what the advantages are of sewing before blocking?

Various sweater pieces I'm working on.

What about you? Do you block before or after sewing?  Does it matter? Any thoughts? 

I had planned to let my brother or dad take pictures of my new sweater this weekend, but turns out I won't see any of them, but I'll see if my boyfriend is up for a "finished project" photoshoot during his work break. 

Later! ♥


Weekend round up: Land girls, knitting in progress and deer

March 18, 2012

This weekend I found out there will be a new season of Foyles War!!! Something I honestly had not expected anymore! I'm very excited as the main cast will be returning and Anthony Horowitz will again be responsible for the script. You can read the press release here.

On a same note I discovered another new (to me) tv series:

 Land girls. Set during the second world war it follows the life of four girls who work for the women's land army made by the BBC. Sounds promising right? Apparently it has been on air since 2009, I honestly had no idea. Don't they know they oughta tell me this sort of stuff to preserve my sanity? ;) Any of you seen this series before? Fashion-wise it looks good I think. So far I've only watched the first episode, I thought the characters were a bit over the top at some points. But this could be because it's the first episode and they want to give you an extensive idea of what the characters are like. I did see some really great cardigans though!!

The land girls.

I have been working on Vashon, So far I've finished the front, back and one sleeve. I am now knitting the second sleeve, and am very happy with the result and with needle size 6 it's flying of my needles ;)

Picture of front in progress.
When taking photo's of your knitting...or anything for that this house there will be cats!
But she is cute eh? So I'll forgive her... I've more projects on the go at the moments, but nothing interesting to show so far. I hope to finish vashon this week though!

Jealous little cat ;)

The weather was so beautiful in these parts! Very much spring like and sunny :) Perfect outside-weather. My brother made awesome wildlife pictures during his early morning walk. Ahum 25 km walk that is...he's training for this yearly 80 km hike which takes place in three weeks. Last year there were 2656 participants and my brother came in 59. So that was really impressive!

Photo by my brother.

Pretty bird, photo by my brother.

I hope your weekend was just lovely! Goodnight!


The birthday post

March 16, 2012

Hiya! So guess what happened during the radio-silence? My birthday that's what!. Past weekend I was busy celebrating it with friends & family, which was nice. My best friend came over, which was cool since she doesn't exactly live in the neighbourhood so we don't see eachother often at the moment.

 There was music, there was cake, there were people sleeping over, there was watching movies, there were presents, and a very happy cat (my cat loves cake like nobody's busyness, try as she might I don't give her any but she always tries)

Presents! :)

I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for me, to see what changes it will bring me and what will remain. Whatever it will bring me I will be making things, lots and lots of things!!

Now I'm going to catch up with the blogosphere, to see what I missed this week. Will be back later this week to show you what I'm working on at the moment.



Inspired by: Foyle's War - Clothing

March 04, 2012

Foyles War is one of my favourite tv series, it's a detective and set during the second world war, it even has Laurence Fox! Can't get any better then that right?

And, as with all historical series, there's also a lot of knitterscandy! Lately I have been re-watching this series, and I thougth it be fun to show you some clothes that particulary cought my eye. As always you can click on the pictures to see them larger.

Can you see these are screenshots? (What I mean is: sorry for the quality)

Introducing Anne: Fair-Isle even lights up a war-time aviation base.
Sam's green cardigan is the single piece of clothing that draws attention throughout the whole series. There's a discussion in the foyle's war ravelry group on how to make this cardigan. You can find it here
I really need to wear more scarfs in my hair.

Knitted cardigan with pretty (crochet?) detail.
Pretty fair isle jumper. I think these two jumpers are the same,
just different colours. I'm pretty sure they used this pattern though this
pattern would work as well. Probably will make this at
some point in the future.

Land girls.
Pretty headwear.

Another pretty bobble cardigan worn by Sam.

Flower cardigan + colourful scarf.

No knitwear, but such a pretty coat!

Sam & Adam with some fair Isle peeking through.
Blue knitted cardigan with embroidery .
I hope these images have given you some inspiration to work with. It made me add a few more things to my to-make-list. That and I should wear more stuff on my head ;)

I hope you had a lovely weekend. See you later! 

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