Inspired by: Foyle's War - Clothing

March 04, 2012

Foyles War is one of my favourite tv series, it's a detective and set during the second world war, it even has Laurence Fox! Can't get any better then that right?

And, as with all historical series, there's also a lot of knitterscandy! Lately I have been re-watching this series, and I thougth it be fun to show you some clothes that particulary cought my eye. As always you can click on the pictures to see them larger.

Can you see these are screenshots? (What I mean is: sorry for the quality)

Introducing Anne: Fair-Isle even lights up a war-time aviation base.
Sam's green cardigan is the single piece of clothing that draws attention throughout the whole series. There's a discussion in the foyle's war ravelry group on how to make this cardigan. You can find it here
I really need to wear more scarfs in my hair.

Knitted cardigan with pretty (crochet?) detail.
Pretty fair isle jumper. I think these two jumpers are the same,
just different colours. I'm pretty sure they used this pattern though this
pattern would work as well. Probably will make this at
some point in the future.

Land girls.
Pretty headwear.

Another pretty bobble cardigan worn by Sam.

Flower cardigan + colourful scarf.

No knitwear, but such a pretty coat!

Sam & Adam with some fair Isle peeking through.
Blue knitted cardigan with embroidery .
I hope these images have given you some inspiration to work with. It made me add a few more things to my to-make-list. That and I should wear more stuff on my head ;)

I hope you had a lovely weekend. See you later! 

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