2012 in projects

December 31, 2012

Good's that time of the year already! Can you believe it? So ahum...2012 in projects:


Fair isle yoke finished in the first days of 2012!


I knit my first Icelandic Sweater. The start of an addiction!


Orchid Thief! I barely made it with one skein Malabrigo Sock!


Okay this...was actually a March project...but I finished it on one of the last days
of March so that´s why I justified it ;)


My boat jumper! Since I did some designing on this myself
I'm especially happy with this one.


My knitting nightmare & dream in one! Took me forever!
No finished knitting in this month!


My yellow skirt! This one had no propper blogpost but I wear is a lot!


Halla finished! At last!!! The result was worth the sweat and tears though!


My Olympic knitting Challange and second Icelandic cardigan!


*Sigh* This month was mainly:

Work in progress




Soay finished, this is the most wearable knit I've ever knitted.


Ah! Secret project!


Okay...October was a lie...this is my most wearable knit ever!

So that was 2012 in knit projects. I knitted much more in the beginning of the year than in the second half of the year. That's true I was in a bit of a non-knitting mood. That because I had to much expectations of myself, I made knitting a "have to" instead of a hobby, which is supposed to be fun.
I've sorted this out now ;) That's why I don't make any goals for the next amount of sweaters I have to knit next years, no amount of sewing, no amount of books I have to read for me in 2013.
I have nothing against folks who do make these kind of goals, they just don't work for me.

I wish you and you're loved ones all the best for the next year! I can't wait to see what it has in store for me,
how I will develop myself, what I will make, what I will learn and who I will meet.

I can't wait!



In which Santa was nice

December 30, 2012

Hello everyone!

After an excellent christmas I'm back again! So how does one proceed now?
I'm still getting used to it. I really should be studying a lot since I have a two week exam period in the beginning of January (way to start the new year!) but all I want to do is play with my presents...which means reading and knitting...and drinking tea (figures).

But without further ado...a glimpse of how good Santa has been to me:

I got a whole heap of old photo's from my parents. They know I have a thing for them and want to help me filling my walls with them...a honourable task if I may say so. Some date from  around 1890 while the most recent one is of me and my brother looking mighty proud with our snowman. 

 There was yarn!! (ofcourse, because, what kind of knitter would I be if there wasn't ;) ) I foresee a lot of stranded knitwork in my future. But then again...there is always a lot of stranded knitwork in my future! ♥♥♥

I want to use the einband for either Flukra or Loren by Gudrun Johnston. Any opinions? I will probably make the other at some later point as well.

And books!!!! As most of you guys probably know I love books just as much as I love yarn. After this Christmas though, the Treehouse might need a new bookshelf. Which is an awesome problem to have...and I needed a new one anyway. Speaking of which...this month I decided that becoming a goodreads member was a good idea. So I did! If you think friending me is a good idea, leave your username in the comments!

Not all the books...the novels didn't want to be in the picture...So I let them be.

And lastly...Christmas at my family is no Christmas without something handmade. This year all the girls in my family (of all ages!) got a handmade doll. Fact: You are never to old for dolls. They were made by a lovely lady we've met through my mom. They were chosen each to fit our personallity somewhat. This was my doll:

In the end I did manage to squeeze in some gift knitting. But don't hold your breath for finished pictures on that one just yet, as the recipient FORGOT his gift at my parents home (thankful huh?) My mom did send me some pictures of my dad wearing it so I guess it does have use now ;)

So that was it! I hope your Christmas was wonderful, preferably with nice people and snow...but it's not a must ;) How are you all adjusting to "normal land"?  Any exciting plans for New Year's Eve?

Take care you guys! I'm working on a year round up post but am not sure when it will be up! 



December 16, 2012

The previous two weeks we had a proper cold spell here in the Netherlands, the result was perfect winter weather and beautiful Anton Pieck like scenery! Here at the treehouse we were ofcourse terribly excited by so much snow and couldn't wait to put our boots on and run around outside. So we didn't.

Oh, but there's also this little thing for when I'm inside the house, safe and warm....

Enjoy the last two weeks of the year, and be sure to enjoy the holidays!

Finished Knits

Bang! A new finished project

December 04, 2012

Winter is here! I know this because we had our first proper snow here in the Netherlands this weekend! I love winter! I don't mind having to cycle through the snowfall to get to campus, I love the cold. Wintery things I did was set up the Christmas tree, wear my lopi cardigan to university (to celebrate the first snowfall) and I bought Christmas presents (after I realised it was already December and I kinda freaked out) 

While lots of knitting blogs I follow are in full-swing gift-knitting modus, in my little corner of the world we are not. This is not a principle thing or something, I do knit gifts... though admittedly I mostly knit for myself, it's just that this year my family does Christmas a little different...and well nobody asked so nobody gets ;) So here in the treehouse it's knit for Nisse in full swing it is basically the whole year around. So on this glorious winter day I present to you my latest knit:

It's Simple sprinkle, by Finnish designer Veera Välimäki. She's know for her simplistic designs, clear lines and stripes. She obviously loves stripes and has a lot of designs with them including the ever popular Color Affection

Pattern: Simple Sprinkle
Designer: Veera Välimäki
Yarn: I used only scraps, most of it is wool, sometimes mixed with alpaca.
Raveled here
Soundtrack: Hollow Talk - Choir of Young Believers (anyone else fan of the Swedish/ Danish detective the Bridge?)

When Veera published the pattern for this cowl a couple of moths ago I instantly knew I wanted to make it as it combines a lot of the things I love: lot's of colours, a long cowl, stripes and a fast knit. I started it last week on a whim...I needed some comfort knitting and this cowl was exactly that. I think it's a great beginners project as it's fun to make, doesn't take up much time and the stripes and short row shaping keeps you interested. Short rows aren't difficult! Just find a youtube video or someone who's willing to explain it to you and you're ready to go!

Three days fast forward and we have a finished cowl! I'm really happy with it and think I will wear it a lot. I only used scraps for this cowl and it's the perfect stash buster. What makes it even better is that most of these scarps invoke memories of things I knitted with it or people I got it from. There is a piece of my first sweater, yarn I got from my both grandmothers, a blue piece which I made from leftovers I used to  knit my brother a hat, leftovers from a scarf for my dad...combine this and you get a patchwork of thick wooly goodness.

All photo's were taken at my parents house. The painting in the background was made by my aunt.
I hope you're all having a great week and are right on track with your gift knitting! To all Dutch readers, I wish you a lovely Sinterklaas feest tomorrow!


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