January 30, 2013

The snow is gone! The past few days have been particulary gloomy and dark. The non stop rain has made sure that the remaing snow, which bravely battleled the thaw has now dissapeared all together. I was working on a longish other blogpost the past few days, but haven't been able to make it work yet. It might make it's appearance another time. So here is a hodgepodge post from me again (I'm making habit of these, aren't I?)

Oh snow...boo to you for being gone.

So monday was kind of historic for my country as our Queen, Beatrix, announced her abdication. Especially if you live in Europe, you might have heard the news. This will happen on Koninginnedag ("Queensday") of this year, which is on 30 April. Personally I'm not a huge monarchy fan, but I do have respect for the way she gave meaning to her function and it is a historic day I think. I have never seen something like it. After the Queens abdication The Netherlands will have a King for the first time since 1890! The Netherlands is different, than for example in the United Kingdom, where a Queen or King basically rules until their death. Here in the Netherlands the Queen (or King) decides for themselves when it's time to leave the scene. This can be for various reasons tiredness, health issues, disappointment with one thing or another, or like Beatrix simply because she felt it was time for the new generation to take over.

As expected there has been little else on the Dutch television since the announcement was made.

In the meantime I have some sweater pieces blocking...there will be a sewing party later this week.
Today I bought some buttons to go with said sweater...I'm not really sure which to pick though.
I have some quircky ones and some solid black ones. Now initially I'm inclined to go with the different quirky ones...because...well I always go for the quirky ones don't I? But I'm open for other opinions. They are for the back of this jumper. So what are you're thoughts? Maybe I should just go for red ones? It is more historic accurate...

So it seems that I have a few needles free atlast! Now I've already been actively thinking on what to knit next (I'm never short on ideas.) The Ravelry queue has been turned up side down, I've browsed most of my pattern books again and I got out all of my stash...which has not yet resulted in a decision. Once I do make one, you will hear from me shortly.

What I have been doing in the meantime: 

Yum, handspun!
 I got out my spindle again! I've almost finished spinning up this red wool into yarn! After that I will ply it on my spinning wheel. So far the idea for all my handspun is to save it all up for a colourfull sweater completely out of my own handspun. Not entirely without inspiration, this was one of the first sweaters I came across back when I joined ravelry. That was according to my account back in 2008...that can't be right can it? Has it really been that long? Ah old times...why are you so old?  Anyway that sweater obviously struck a cord...and I then vowed that it would be really cool to execute the same idea with my own handspun at one point in my crafty life.
This is not my priority project, as I don't work on it all the time but we're getting there!

Also I seem to have aquired instagram...because I clearly need another social medium that I need to update. Anyways you can now follow my everyday life in pictures through that, and through the magical slideshow I created in the sidebar...magically. Anyway my everyday life mainly consist out of cats, books, yarn and being a student...so yeah...if your into that I'll provide it.

Also I seem to have received some flowers...

Because sometimes being old fashioned is the absolute best thing you can be.

 I hope You're all having fun these days!  


Finished Knits

Recap, gifts and hat twins

January 21, 2013

Dear blog friends,

As I predicted in my last post, I did dissapear on you guys for a bit. However: my exams are now over!! I've no idea how I did though, I found most of them harder than the last period when I passed everything... I guess that's not so great but we will see.

I'm relieved it is all over. For the past two weeks I've been terribly busy with exams, essays and assignments but I'm now glad to be able to return to my books, knitting needles and blogosphere...oh how I missed those!
During my absence here, in the middle of making exams, something else happened. The chap got sort of ill, and next week he'll need to go to the hospital...which is crap, but it'll be alright so no worries! It does have me worrying ofcourse...I seriously must learn to listen to my own advice.

But now for something else...

LOOK!! Hat twins!
It's the hat I knitted as a gift for Christmas! I'm late on blogging about it because the recipient forgot his present at my parent's house. After that was my exam period and it was only a couple of days ago that we both had time to go and snap some pictures. By this time the hat has already seen quite some wear: I hear rumours among friends that he hasn't been seen without it since, so that is good. Knits are made for wearing!

Designer: April Klich
Yarn: Annell Malmedy
Soundtrack of this project: 
Reason to Believe - Bruce Springsteen

The pattern is free, for some reason you can't put it in your ravelry library though, but you can download a pdf here. I decided to knit this on a whim, and it was finished within a day! I must admit I do like fast knits once in a while.I like the simplicity of the hat, but the stranded colourwork bands keep things interesting. I think this hat would look cool with only one contrast colour for the colourwork too.

Cold? Me?...No silly, I'm wearing my Icelandic lopi cardigan!

It's a slouchy style hat, but the recepient has a much bigger head than I do. Which is funny because when I put it on it eventually slides down over my eyes, much to everyones humour.

The pattern name is "keep it simple". It's true, it's not the most difficult knit ever, it does involve colour work though it's not complicated colourwork. I think the simple more refers to the overall look of the finished project, the aesthetics. I like it...it's the simple things right? 

We're having a cold spell again and our country is once again buzzing with excitement for there might be a Elfstedentocht this year! There has been little else on the Dutch television this week. Lots of old folk talking about their expiriences, including the showing of frozen of toes.  There was lots of excitement about the Elfstedentocht last year as well, and it didn't happen. But we will see. For now, we have snow! 
That's it! 
I hope you're all doing well and that everyone is in good health!



Exams, questions and a vintage jumper

January 06, 2013

Hello lovely Ladies and Gents,

My first post of 2013! How fashionably late am I, aren't I? Anyway I wanted to pop my head in for this is the day before my two week exam period. It's would be fair to say that we're still in denial of all of this in casa de Treehouse (as every good student ought to). But Alas from tomorrow on I will be awnsering questions about British literature, vocabulary, British history & culture, phonemes & other pronunciation stuff, translating texts...and write about early modern philosophers, for some reason or another (don't even get me started on this one). So as you can see, next two weeks will be busy, and I will possibly dissapear on you guys for a bit (and possibly not).

I'm studying! See?

Furthermore, I have a tiny confession to make... It feels like a knitting-failure: The vintage jumper I was knitting on is still unfinished.

I ran out of yarn when I almost finished it. Running out of yarn is not nice, but it can happen right? Still it's kind of my own fault because when I allready knew I would be short on yarn, I failed to buy an extra ball. I actually procrastinated buying yarn and that is a first for me! After that the holidays happened, and look where we are now... January! Somehow I just can't get on with this jumper, but it seems a waste to not finish it, but this is a very particular kind of jumper....

Lets ignore the cat hairs...

This is somewhat of a festivative jumper...and the holidays are behind us. I'm not sure how much wear I will get out of it if I finish it now. I never really inteded it as a festivative jumper, more as a winter jumper, but we're already in January! I'm not going to lie, I'm not looking forward to finish this jumper, but I'm not the kind of person that likes having forever unfinished projects either...especially since I'm so close to the finish. For the record: almost finished means I've half a sleeve to go, the rest is done.

So this is where I need help from the infinite wisdom of the internet: (Yes, that means you!) What should I do with this jumper? I can't really decide. Should I stubbornly work my way through with it? Should scrap it and use the yarn for something else? Should I keep the sweater safe and hidden, untill a new winter arives?

I hope you're all well and had a good start of the new year!

  Now If you will excuse me I go back to reading about feminist criticism in Literature and Hume.

Take care my friends!


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