A Paradise for Monkeys, Knit and Crochet

April 26, 2013

This post is part of the Fourth Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week by EskimimiMakes. For seven days in a row, EskimimiMakes issues a challenge: a topic for each day, for knitters to blog about. You can find all the topics here. Today is day 5 of the challenge: The Do-Something-Different-Day!

A few days ago, I brainstormed about changing Kate Davies' Tortoise and Hare into a project devoted to the Monkey-God. Today, I have advanced the masterplan. The gnome-minions have chased away all reptiles and hopping mamals to make place for a New World Order of Squirrel Monkeys. I made a chart of the monkeys and some delicious food to sacrifice for the honour of house Monkey. 

Disclaimer: the start of this animation is not the actual chart by Kate Davies, and is not meant to knit up.
If you do want to knit a Tortoise and Hare sweater, buy Kate's design here.

The end result is a chart I designed. This brings me one step closer to the actual creation of the House Monkey Sweater. All hail House Monkey!

Want to see more people try something new with their blog? Google ' 4KCBWDAY5 ' !

Colour of the year: Knit and Crochet Blog Week Day 4

April 26, 2013

This post is part of the Fourth Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week by EskimimiMakes. For seven days in a row, EskimimiMakes issues a challenge: a topic for each day, for knitters to blog about. You can find all the topics here. Today is day 4 of the challenge: The Colour-analysis!. 

Yay! Day four of the KCBWeek allready! The topic of today looks a little famaliar... Last year, day 1 was about colour as well. What I wrote that day, you can read here. As a summary I will say that I found out that my most used colours are Blue and orange, though I was just starting to knit a lot of 'sheep colour'.

You see, I know 'sheep' isn't really a colour, but 'brown', 'beige' or 'natural' don't really to justice to that pure, beautifull colour of wool that can only be described as... sheep. 

For the past year, my colourpreference hasn't much changed. I made some blue and orange-y projects again. Where I suspected I would have knitted a lot of 'sheep' again this year, I am surprised that no project fits that catagory! Two colours however have made an interesting appearance.

Brynja and the Christmas Hat

I've been using actual Brown a few times. Obviously in the Bear sweater, but also as a christmas gift for my boyfriend. And, a newcomer though I actually noticed it missing last year: Green. Green is one of my favourite colours outside the world of knitting (does my blog layout reveal that?), but in the last KCBW I had barely touched any green yarn. Though I had used green as a contrast colour, never as a main colour. 

Brynja is made of a slightly yellowish, golden green, and it's colour is very noticable amongst my other knitting. I'm  currently working on Finna, in a green Rowan yarn.

Last year, I mentioned that I wanted to knit more in red. This is one of those resolutions that unfortunately didn't come through. Recently (with a little help) I made the first step though: as a gift I got very beautiful red Icelandic yarn. It's a deep red, and I do hope to make an Icelandic cardigan/sweater of it, before the next blogweek! ;)

Thanks for reading! Want to read more entries in the Knit and Crochet Blog Week? Google the tag ' 4KCBWDAY4 '. As a last piece of important news: The Monkey God, protector of all Knitters in House Monkey, has demanded that from this day on, the colour formerly known as 'dark-sheep' shall from now until the end of time be known as colour Ape. End of message.


What's in the Bookshelve? Knit & Crochet blog week, day 3!

April 24, 2013

This post is part of the Fourth Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week by EskimimiMakes. For seven days in a row, EskimimiMakes issues a challenge: a topic for each day, for knitters to blog about. You can find all the topics here. Today is day 3 of the challenge: The Infographic. 

Although the Monkey God is not yet completely pleased per sé (the Monkey God is a demanding God), (s)he is at least satisfied that I made plans for an honorary project. The Gnomes in the meantime have forgotten all about me, but the blogweek continues.

The subject of today is infographics. I like looking at infographics because they present information in an easy visual format where it would otherwise take lengthy amounts of text to explai... Who am I kidding? I love reading lengthy amounts of text, and if an infographic robs me of that, I call it a crime!

And that was about the moment when I decided to make an infographic about my books. Taking a look at my bookshelve, I mentally tried to catagorize them, only to realize many of the books don't fit into catagories and that the catagories actually overlap quite a bit. (Phew, luckily us knitters are much more easily sorted into Houses, right?)

So, my infographic includes not only two completly *cough* accurate pie-charts, but also a Venn-diagram of my bookshelve. What I noticed especially was what type of knitting books I have.

Although I knit from a lot of different sources, a whole chunk of my knitting preferences is missing in my bookshelve! Many independent designer's patterns, like those of Stephen West, Kate Davies or Tiny Owl Knits, I only have in digital format. Apperently it signifies that as for actually buying physical books, my preferences are slightly narrower: what catagories of books I do own, you can see above.

I (do not) apologize for the long paragraphs of text, and wish you a lot of fun with my infographic.


Oh, and one more thing! These past three days, I've tremendously enjoyed reading other people's blogs in the KCBW. If you want to find more posts like this, google the tag ' 4KCBWDAY3 ' for thousands of craft infographics!

A Project for a Monkey? Knit & Crochet blog week day 2

April 23, 2013

This post is part of the Fourth Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week by EskimimiMakes. For seven days in a row, EskimimiMakes issues a challenge: a topic for each day, for knitters to blog about. You can find all the topics here. Today is day 2 of the challenge.

After the Gnomes have initiated me into their secret society, which turned out to be not-so-secret after all, as I got many lovely comments from others initiated into the four Houses, it is time for day two. Entering the Most Esteemed House of Monkey does not come for free, after all. I must now show my dedication to the Great Ape God by planning a craftproject dedicated in His(/Her) honour.*

The Monkey Demands it!

*As the assignment says: Plan a project you could hypothetically make, no need to actually make it.

This one is going to take some time. It's not that I have never before dedicated any project to an animal, but I've yet to see that awesome chimpansee-purse-pattern I've been waiting on. Nor would I feel very comfortable wearing nothing but a Gorilla-hair cloak. So, I'll have to look for a different solution.

One pattern that I'm completely in love with is Tortoise & Hare Sweater by Kate Davies. Admittedly, there are no monkeys in the pattern (unless they're hidden very well). That's why I must make them myself! It's one of the things that I love so much about crafting: the possibility to customize patterns, and more amazingly the fact that designers don't mind. Even better, most designers like it when others start with their creations to create something completely new.

Image by Kate Davies
Now, creating something completely new isn't what I'm going to try (not even hypothetically). What I would like to make, all in honour of House Monkey offcourse, is this sweater but with the Tortoise and  Hare replaced with monkeys. Ideally, I'd replace the hare with a gorilla and the tortoise with a Squirrel Monkey. (Fun fact: In Dutch, Squirrel Monkeys are called Skull Monkeys. Isn't that radical?)

Image by Kate Davies
This means I will have to make my own charts.  I have made my own colourwork chart once before, but that time I tried to replicate a garment I had already seen elsewhere. Creating a chart out of nothing is something completely new for me. In a way, this is the perfect 'ode' to house Monkey: a project like this would be quite a challenge, but super fun.

And if all else fails? Well, perhaps Mr. Nilsson knows what type of knitwear the Monkey likes?

While I'm clumsily drawing charts, 
feel invited to tell me what you are making to honour your house! 
Leave a comment, or make your own blogpost and use
the code 4KCBWDAY2 to participate in the blog week!


Knit and Crochet Blog Week, Day 1: The Sorting Hat

April 22, 2013

This post is part of the Fourth Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week by EskimimiMakes. For seven days in a row, EskimimiMakes issues a challenge: a topic for each day, for knitters to blog about. You can find all the topics here. For day One, I have a little story.

It was a annually returning ritual amongst the gnome-people that lived in the treehouse, Nisse knew that. But this was the first time they invited her to join in on it. Near the end of April, when the stars were just about roughly right, the gnome-people would gather all the youngsters of their tribe, and those deemed wise enough (or actually, any gnome reaching the age of eleven gnome-years) were sent away to the magical Gnomewarts School of Knitcraft, but not after some kind of elaborate ritual.

Usually, Nisse was obliged to wait outside (outside of her own Treehouse, that is!) until the festivities were over (but she was always welcome to help with the cleaning, afterwards). A little bearded guy jumping nervously up and down on her keyboard had made abundantly clear however that this time, she was to join. Whether that meant they finally thought Nisse wise enough, or just thought she had finally reached eleven years of age, she did not know.

Don't they know it's cold outside?

Together with the other gnome kandidates, Nisse waited outside the treehouse to be called in. When finally the bells rang, Nisse climbed the ladder to the treehouse, and saw the inside of the house had changed completely. Instead of her trusted dinnertable, there were four long rows of tables and benches and candles and more tables, benches and candles. Hundreds of gnomes were seated, and they clapped as the young gnomes (and Nisse) walked by.

At the far end of the room, was the centerpiece of the festivity: the Sorting Hat. Seemingly made up of uncountable knitted beanies, barets and other hats, it would magically sort the wearer into one of the four houses of Gnomewarts School of Knitcraft:

  • House Bee, Hard working but alas, so easily distracted.
  • House Manatee, Gentle and comfortable, just as their knitwork.
  • House Monkey, Intelligent but playful, ever looking for new challenges
  • and House Peacock, who never cease to make something good even better with buttons and sparkles.

"LET THE SORTING BEGIN!" the Hat cried out, quite unexpectedly. Gnome after gnome was called away. "House Peacock!" "House Bee!" "House Monkey!", and so on. Rather a large number of gnomes were called to house Bee, Nisse noticed, but thought nothing of it. 

Finally, it was Nisse's turn. What house would she be sorted into? Would she be happy there? Would she actually go to the Gnomewarts school? How would they fit her into the schoolbenches? And more importantly, would she still have to clean up after today?

As soon as she put the hat on, it began to speak to her.
"Hmmm, so... Who do we have here. Not a gnome are you?"
"Well obviou.."
"Silent! Well, well, well... Bee or Manatee, Peacock or Monkey.
 Industrious and hard working perhaps does sound like y..."
"What?!" Nisse exclaimed. "You're going to sort me into house Bee?
Do you think I'm such a loose projectile? Do you see any piles of unfinished 
projects laying around, huh?"

"If I was a Bee, who finished you then, huh!?"
"Hmm. I guess we can cross 'gentle' of the list as well, then."
"Carefull, Hat. Keep going, it would be a shame. if. something. felted."
"Ah.. yes. Well, what have we got left. Are you a peacock, or a monkey?
Let's look at your knitwork-resumé."
"Well, my first garment was Owls. I made it a cardigan though instead of a sweater."

What did I knit after that?

"Ah, 'Owlssssssss'. Cables, was it not? Did you make many cable-knits?"
"Actually... No, I learned to make lace afterwards. 
And did that stick?
"Yes. Well, no. I like making lace, but I also wanted to... I wanted to..."
"Learn something new?"
"That's it! Colourwork! Did you know how awesome it is to customize colourwork? 
You can do all kinds of fun things...."

Yay! Knitting!

"I KNOW ENOUGH!" , the hat cried out.

You can find other people's Knit and Crochet blogweek posts for day 1 by googling " 4KCBWDAY1 "


Finished project: Back in time: Bear sweater

April 07, 2013

This is a back in time project because I finished this sweater over two months ago! I took pictures and the whole shebang, but due to being a very busy student I never typed a post about it. That's bad, I know. I'll try to better myself, promised!

Pattern: Oh my Bear
Yarn: Drops Eskimo
Soundtrack for this project: I followed Fires - Matthew & the Atlas

The pattern is Oh my Bear by Stephanie Dosen. The pattern had been in my queue for quite a while. I don't know how long the actual knitting took me as it was my on-and-of project for a long time, and during most of that time I did not knit on this sweater at all. It was quite a strange feeling when I stitched the last bit of it together as it had been accompanying me for far longer than all my other projects did. I guess I need to find myself a new on-and-of project now... ;)

The yarn I used is Drops Eskimo 100% wool. I bought the yarn for it ages ago! The yarn is so soft! My cats keep battling each other on who is allowed to cuddle me, or sleep on it when I'm wearing it. I knitted the bear head with all sorts of remnants from my stash. I think it turned out well. I had to weave in so much ends with the bear head! I should have taken a picture of it so you guys could share in my pain,but take my word for it...there were a lot!

 Now I realise a sweater like this is not for everyone. Most people like it, but I have some people declaring that they wouldn't want to wear it. I happen to like the quirkiness of it. Most of Stephanie's patterns fall in into the quirky category. While I don't like all of my clothing to be like that, I like me a good fox cowl or in this case bear sweater once in a while!

So that is my back in time project number one. I still have another sweater lying around that I finished even before this one of which I haven't yet blogged! If there is an award for worst blogger of the month I should probably get it. I promise I will get to blogging about that one as well. 
In the meantime I've almost finished another sweater, am done with my exams and will be starting with the last period of the academic year tomorrow! Unbelievable right?
Spring still hasn't arrived over here. Yesterday night we had the coldest April night ever!
While all sorts of knitting companies are trying to convince me that I should get out my summer knits, the cold outside really doesn't convince me. 

How is spring behaving in your parts? Like normal or do you hang on to those woolies a little longer
like I do? 


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