May 08, 2013

Dear everyone,

I apologise for the lack of posts after the blog week but there have been some unforeseen circumstances. Last week a dear someone turned out to be ill, very ill. Luckily she isn't ill any more and is now at a lighter, better place. I am sad, truly. But I found that I'm also happy and relieved. Happy to have known such a person and relieved that the pain was short. There are of course moments of grief but I feel that this was her time and that it's good.

This someone was especially very dear to my boyfriend. Due to circumstances that are far to complicated to explain he has to take on a fair amount of the organising of the funeral. This has resulted in a fairly busy past few days as I returned back to uni.

I hope and wish to be back, with lighter chat, later this week. I want this blog to be a light, positive place but I also want this blog to reflect me and who I am as a person and what happens in my life.

 I hope you understand. 

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