About Farewell: Alela Diane

July 22, 2013

Hello folks!

A week ago Alela Diane played a gig in the city in which I live! I coudn't believe it when I saw it on her touring schedule! As older readers might remember, Alela is my favourite singer. I've been into her music ever since cd one. I've now seen her perform several times and had goosebumps every single time.

This time Alela was only in Europe for a short amount of time, because she is expecting her first child in November! It is likely she won't tour for quite a while. That's an extra reason to go and see her perform this time.

She is touring this time to support her latest album: About Farewell. The songs are a break from the road she turned into on her last album, Alela Diane & Wild Divine, without being a complete return to her early albums. The album is amazing, the songs are honest, deep, and a bit dark. About Farewell is a heartbreaking recital of everthing that has happened to Alela and what she felt when she parted ways with her partner of seven years, a year ago. This album is a gift to everyone who's ever been in a dark place. For me this album has been more than worth waiting for. When I saw her perform previously, she had just written a few songs of the album and performed those first songs. Now,  I finally got to hear the whole album.

The albumcover for About Farewell
The performance itself was just Alela with her voice and guitar and one bandmember, Heather Woods Broderick, who did backing vocals and alternating electric guitar, piano and flute. I think of all the times I went to so Alela this one was the odd one out, as the gig was part of a festival called "de zomerfeesten". Each year the city in which I live is turned up side down with the coming of a sport event called the 'International Four Days Marches Nijmegen' or simply, in Dutch, 'De Vierdaagse'. Each year we have several thousands participants, this year 41.576. For four days in a row they take a huge march, choosing between a 20, 30 or 40 kilometre parcours. Those four days, and three days before and after, the whole town is one huge festival and the festivities draw as many people as the sporting event itself.

Alela Diane 2
Heather Woods Broderick 3

So many people in your city is all very merry but it's also...you know a lot of people. Now that the festivities have been going on for a more than a week I'm glad to have the city back to its normal state. Good memories.


  1. Foto by Valkhof Festival
  2. Foto by Willem Melssen
  3. Foto by Marscha van Druten


That Rowan jumper

July 19, 2013

According to Ravelry I finished this one back in May (what?!) but that was when I started studying like a maniac for my exams, so I haven't even got around blogging about it yet!

The jumper is the beautiful Finna design from Rowan's Nordic Tweed booklet, the same booklet I knitted my Halla jumper from. The yarn was a christmas present from my parents.

Pattern: Finna
Book: Rowan Nordic Tweed 
Yarn: Rowan Tweed

This jumper has quite a development journey. I initially started it in April 2012, planned to make it in pieces just like the pattern stated...and stumbled on a problem: the sweater was way, way to big. I could have probably fitted twice in the front-panel alone! So I frogged and casted on again with a dramatically smaller amount of stitches. Guess what? Still to big. It was then that I lost my nerves with this piece. I got distracted by other great patterns that didn't had me recalculating stitchnumbers and stressing about fit.

Fast forward a year, I was tired of all that pretty yarn just sitting there idly on my shelf. I exerted my brain to the max and reworked this sweater to be knitted in the round. I recalculated the jumper to a better amount of stitches and off I went. In the end I'm happy with it, but I'm not hundred percent satisfied with the sleeves, which (surprise!) were way to big. My advise when you want to make this design: look trough everyones pattern notes on ravelry, make a swatch and listen to it!!

The Rowan tweed it is made with is amazing!! The colours are beautiful and I love the way it knits up. The yarn softened quite a bit after a first wash. I will certainly use this yarn again. I think for tweeds there isn't really a match for Rowan. I mean some of the big tweed brands aren't available here (I'm looking at you Brooklyn Tweed) so I can't speak for them but from what I've used so far this one definately tops the bunch.

The pictures were made by my brother on a walk at my parents place, when it was still early summer and one of the first nice summer days we had. It took a while before summer actually started (the weather's been abnormally cold), but now we have a small heatweave and I would not think of having to take pictures of a dk wool weight sweater! How is summer at your place? Any big holiday knitting plans?


Terrible blogger is terrible. And green.

July 09, 2013

Hey guys!

I haven't been around much lately, have I? No, I've not been eaten by a dragon or kidnapped by gnomes and I have definitely not been trapped in my own stash. In general the end of the year-exam-uni stuff have been terrible and I could not find any amazing blogger dust to sprinkle over myself to get some extra blogging mojo. I am happy to say though that all that is now left behind, all the exams and enrolling for the next academic year business is over and I now find myself in a crazy haze of 'no-have-to's'-bliss. I'm still getting used to it really.While getting used to my new found freedom I've slowly found my way back to the knitting needles, sewing machine and my camera.
This week I'll try to work my way back to the Treehouse blog as well.

The terrible blogger is ashamed and hides her face.

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