A hat for a Norse winter

December 10, 2013

I love Scandinavian style knits. Over the years I've been reading a lot about the Scandinavian knitting heritage, saving a lot of inspirational pictures and filled my queue with Scandinavian knitting patterns. While I've made quite some Icelandic patterns, I was quite surprised to find that I hadn't knit any Norse patterns, seeing I've loved them ever since I started knitting and I'm a fair isle fanatic.

I'm sure that you've propably heard about the famous Norse knitting company Dale of Norway. Aside from making rad ready to wear sweaters and being the brain behind the Norwegian olympic ski sweater they also produce great yarn. Sandes garn is another of those Norwegian companies that make my knitting hearth beat faster. Sadly they don't sell their patterns outside of Norway and I've never seen their yarn in any of the LYS I frequent either. I'll keep working on my master plan, however, on how to get my hands on one of these patterns.

In the meantime I've made a hat!

This is a pattern of firsts. My first Scandinavian-style pattern that is not Icelandic! And the first time for me knitting with Lima and the first time knitting something in black (I know!! How did I knit all this time?) Anyway I realised it was my first time knitting with black when I noticed it really is a lot harder to see, especially when it's dark. Given that we have about half a day normal day light these days it wasn't always easy, squinting at the strands of yarn in front of the bedroom window.
I really like the outcome though! Black and white is obviously not my most creative colour choice ever, but I like the classic look of it and think it works well in this traditional colourwork pattern.

 Pattern: Nordic Nights 
Designer: Garnstudio
Yarn: Drop Lima
Soundtrack:  Julie Fowlis -Oganaich Uir a Rinn M'Fhagail
Raveled here
It's the first time I'm using drops lima and its super soft, which is not that odd, given that it's wool mixed with alpaca.

I had tons of fun making this hat! After working on my father's sweater for a few weeks it was really nice to work on something just for me again. I had really missed doing colourwork, so I when I casted on I couldn't really stop!


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