A Promise

April 27, 2015

The months since January began have been trying. Combining and balancing research, thesis writing and all my regular course work has been hard. Really hard. I do love my research topic and enjoy discovering more and more about it. It is just that the balance between uni work and "other stuff" has had the scales completely tipping over in favour of the former. I feel like the only things I've done since 2015 started is work for uni and sleep. Some of my class mates spread the work over 2 years instead of trying to do it all in one year, and to be honest I don't blame them. My personal life is virtually non existent at the moment. Weeks have past in which I have not knitted a stitch (seriously I don't think I knit at all during the whole of February and March). I used to write in a personal diary at least a bit every day, now weeks can pass without me having even opened my notebook. And let's not even mention my sewing machine. Now if you know me, you know that this is really unusual. I've had busy periods before, and complained about them, but this is insanity on a whole new level.

This blog post is to remind myself, and people in a similar situation, that these things do not last. Even though sometimes it may seem like it does...it doesn't. It is also a promise to myself. A promise of all the good things to come when things, eventually, ease up. When it does, I plan to make the most of it.


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